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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Minutes Aug 3rd 2009

Present. Carol, Michael, Sarah, Neil, Tom H. Alex(welcome back both of you) Cec, Bryan, Julie, Pat,(Chair), myself and guest Michael Hill.
Apologies. Graham, Lynn, Liz, Tricia, Sue, Margaret, Ishbel,Tim Angela.
Matters arising from read Minutes.
Jo Cowell competition. All members still urged to send Graham their anonymised contributions. Up to 1,000 words any genre to Graham Walker,13 Dorchester Rd., Upholland, Skelmersdale WN8 OAD. Cheque to OWLS £3.00 first entry and £2.00 for any additional ones.(Can be sent separately to Alex 12 Alexandra Rd. Southport PR9)NB or to Graham or handed in at next meeting.) For clarification contact myself or Graham on grahamwalker13@btinternet Results evening will be Nov. 3rd 09.
Anthologies. Cec been doing lots of hard selling but any member who can help with sales please offer services.
Committee Meeting due as soon as all members available ie Margaret, Pat, Alex, Tricia, Ishbel, Graham, Cec, myself and any members opting to join in. Issues for discussion.
a) Making final arrangements for this year Jo Cowell.
b)Signatories for cheques. c) Anthologies. d) Keeping OWL Records.
e) Next year Jo Cowell. F) AOB
Please note any member can add comments or attend committee meeting when arranged. All views welcomed.
Poetry Evening.
There was throughout general discussion surrounding poetry, its origins in song and verse, particular poets eg John Donne, Edward Lear, Adrien Henri, and GK Chesterton, with poems read out by members. Also read were poems from newspapers, our own past member Clara Sheen and a cheerful limerick re. "There was a Young Lady from Clyde. The mood dived between the serious war poems read, and the Nonsense supplied by Bryan. Julie had us all singing "The Owl and the Pussycat"!!!
There were also contributions from members own poems, not least Michael with his political one re expenses. The prize though must go to Pat for introducing most of us to Haiku with their 17 syllable 3 liners. She shared a few, added to by Carol well versed in Hiaku and a lovely finisher by Tom H. on "Metamorphasis". This concerned a caterpillar watching a butterfly wondering if he’d ever be able to fly.
Hope I’ve summarised satisfactorily but another thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Next time Aug 17th come ready to write. Pat will organise a workshop. (Just in case she is not well at the time also bring any work in progress for sharing and discussion as back up to the evening.) All Best Judy
THANKS TO ALL FOR TAKING PART. See you next time Judy

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