Ormskirk Writers' & Literary Society - OWLS - was established in 1963 by Dora Doyle to promote local writers. Founder member Ron Bartholomew contributed to the Waverly Encyclopaedias and was widely published in Practical Mechanics Magazine. A successful playwright, he opened his house to us for weekly meetings and served us with tea and home made cakes for many years. As Otis lifts Chief Engineer he also designed the press button control boxes used in lifts to this day. ALT="Ormskirk Writers' & Literary Society">

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

PRESENT. Tom H., Trish, Liz, Neil, Michael L., Alex, Michael H., Carol, Pat, Bryan, Margaret, (Chair) and Judy.
APOLOGIES. Cec, (Get well soon), Sue, Ishbel, Lynn.
Minutes read of last meeting Matters arising.
Jo Cowell Competition. Please send in your entries asap Further details from myself or Graham, or previous minutes.
Anyone wishing to help sell anthologies contact Cecil or Ishbel.
Committee meeting Wed. Sept 9th 7.30pm Any member wishing to attend or ask for issues to be brought up please contact Judy.
Carol has invited everyone to her "back to school party." Please contact her if going Sat. Sept 5th 111 Blaguegate Lane. Tel no. 01695728320. It will be fun. Thanks Carol for hosting this.
Pat’s workshop "The influence of music on writing."
Pat played 2 short pieces,
1. Gymnopedie- Eric Satie 1866-1925.
This first piece led our writers to envisage scenes of tranquillity cornfields, blue seas and skies, rivers with or without punts set in both modern and more period times. Contributions were as varied and interesting as usual with dancing romantic themes right through to murder, outlinings of plot and searching for identity.
2. Gigue-from St paul’s Suite Gustav Holst 1874-1934.
The second piece was much more rousing but time prevented from doing it full justice. However many saw galloping horses leading to full blooded romantic scenes, domestic violence, murder, Devil work, shootings sparked from a long ago true story and both Dickens, Hardy, times and regal stories of the past. Much imaginative talent was created throughout the exercise hopefully inspiring new works to be heard at meetings in the future. A BIG THANK YOU TO PAT for all her work in presentation.
NEXT MEETING MON SEPT 7TH. A Short story up to 1,000 words beginning with the line, "The boy was a disappointment to his father…. There may be a vote on best contribution by secret ballot! So bring your best to read out on the night. All best Judy

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