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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sept 7th 2009

Competition night for a story with the first line“The boy was a disappointment to his father…"
As usual we had a varied response including a play from Alex and a poem from Margaret. Cecil ingeniously surprised us in punchline as he had written from Joseph’s position as father to Jesus. Tim, newcomer Joanne, Bryan and myself all wrote stories surrounding these words in various settings. Pat actually started a book!! (we want more) developing a very appealing character of a young boy with outstandingly amazing talents, but it was Ishbel who won with her excellent story about the father wanting a son with a good solid career ahead of him when the boy himself yearned to be a chef and who ended up winning a talent competition on TV and being hugged by his proud father at last. So Ishbel won the wine and we were all delighted to see her back after her long absence.
We had a very worthwhile critique session on the contributions after the break and finished off with a masterful short piece by Neil of a shooting amidst a blizzard which held some marvellous descriptive phraseology.
Committee meeting my house tomorrow evening 9th Sept. anyone welcome and any issues to be discussed contact me.
Agenda so far to cover, Jo Cowells, Anthologies, Storing of club records, membership, further programming and Christmas.

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