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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Work in progress Evening. Jan 4 2010


Present. Margaret, (Chair), Neil, Sarah, Tim, Alex, Ishbel, Cecil , Mike Hill, Myself Judy, and 3 visitors, Sarah and Natalie who came to our Xmas party and Dave Smith.

Apologies. Michael Lonsdale, Sue, Pat and Bryan. (A mixture of being unwell and not wishing to risk the weather.)

Margaret opened the evening by welcoming everyone and wishing all of us a good new year. She thanked everyone who helped in some way at the Xmas party esp. Alex over the new starting game and all who came and took part.

I let everyone know that we received a Christmas card from Christine Chessyre and a cheque for £50 for our next Dora Doyle poetry evening. (Christine is Dora’s daughter who was a founder member of the club) I have sent a thank you card from us all.

1.I, Judy, read a brief New Year poem hoping for a better year. I also read a story I wish to try and get published “Half a Story” and received good comments and advice from those present.

2. Margaret read “Freedom to Live”, a short story aiming for a 600 word outlet. Well written, smacking of Shirley Valentine but to Egypt not Greece! Good luck.

3.Neil treated us yet again to a wonderfully descriptive poem written that morning watching the sun rise and the moon go down behind his house. Excellent.

4. Tim introduced us again to another very detailed world of a police force situation, real and full of imagery of the future or fantasy? Makings of a good story.

5. Mike read the beginning of his novel set in Africa with an exciting plot, lots of tension and descriptive scenes past and present. We were all hooked by “The Opportunist.”

6. Sarah flew us into the world of “The Autometer Birds” a 4,000 word story, very detailed, Characterising emotion as well as storyline. Extremely original and gripping.

7. Alex gave us the chance to hear first part of a second Act play, but one that stands on its own, too. Full of humour, action and tittle tattle with a main character stuck down a well. Well, I’m not saying any more, but would love to see it on stage.

8. Ishbel read us her piece on Festivals, could be part of her Memoirs but fascinating contrasts of Iranian Festivals and British ones. Could be an Article??! (Thinking of this year’s Jo Cowell Competition!)

9. Dave read a beautifully tragic little poem called “Pirouettes and Little Steps.” Brought tears to my eyes. Also read out a piece from his first chapter of “Touches” graphically described elderly infirm man receiving a letter raising all sorts of issues from his past. We want to hear more.

Cec rounded the evening off with a short excerpt from his memoirs called “The New Job.” Very interesting details on Typewriter Mechanics. Held all our attention.

Next meeting 18th Jan 7.30 N.C.H. Speaker to talk on “BLOGS”.

Committee meeting at Ishbel’s next Monday 7.30pm. Anyone expressing a wish to become more involved or with issues to discuss please contact me ASAP. Thanks to you all Judy

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