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Friday, 12 March 2010

Committeee minutes


PRESENT. Pat, Cecil, Alex, Tricia, and Judy.
APOLOGIES. Margaret and Ishbel.
1.Cec our President explained the  Blog further and recommended more use. (Members should now have received information on how to access BLOG.) Hopefully minutes in future will be there to read rather than sending out individual ones. Cec also made following statement for members.
“While regretting that illness prevented my attendance I would like to thank each and every committee member for another year of genuine work effort for the club. Alex our treasurer has produced an excellently concise balance sheet and I am pleased to note that so much of our current capital funding remains due to the earlier successes of the Jo Cowell Competitions. To all committee members past and present I give huge thanks.”
2. Judy thanked everyone for the Book Token.
3. Situation of Committee.
President Cec,  Chair Margaret, Vice Chair Pat, Treasurer Alex,  Minute Secretary Judy, Social Secretary shared between Margaret and Pat.
Please NB
General Correspondence Secretary Vacant open to volunteers. 
Jo Cowell Co-Ordinator Tricia,
Owls publishing Liason person  Ishbel
News editors for Magazine Julie and Angela.
Tricia has agreed to be a co-signatory.
4.Programme 2010 up to end of March 2011was completed and sent out to all members.

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