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Monday, 13 December 2010


OWLS minutes

6th December 2010

Christmas Meeting

Present: Helen, Tim, Sarah, Judy, Margaret, Graham, Carol, Julie, Saime, Tom,


Apologies: Jean Finch, Dave, Cecil, Pat, Ishbel, Tricia, Alex, Sue, Keith, Liz, Bryan.

As you all know, we have postponed the Murder Mystery Night as many people
were unable to attend tonight. New date for murder mystery is 21st February.

Those of us who were able to attend feasted on fabulous nibbles, homemade
samosas and delicious meringues and shared and listened to the 300 word
humorous pieces.

Tim wrote a short play, with a royal setting. In ‘Her Majesty’, the parts of The
Queen and Philip were played brilliantly by Judy and Graham. Margaret and Tom
played excellent servants. An entertaining script, which culminated in searching
for a special jade hair clip in the corgis poop bin.

Judy read excellently, ‘A Cheery Phone call’ a piece of performance prose. A
cleverly devised piece that definitely deserves another outing! so I won’t give too
much away here!

Margaret shared ‘Grandma at Christmas’; a clever and funny piece about
families at Christmas, the expectations, difficulties and clashes. Something
perhaps we can all relate to in one way or other.

Bryan’s poem, ‘Uncle Henry’ was read for the group. A very funny poem about
feeding up the Christmas bird that becomes somewhat of a family pet. Perhaps,
on Christmas day, they could have Chinese instead?!

Cec submitted his humorous piece ‘Big Bang’, which was enjoyed by all. A very
funny take on the current events on Strictly Come Dancing with the popular
dance duo, Widdecombe and Anton Du Beke.

Sarah read ‘My Santa List’ a letter to santa, in three categories; ‘things I would
love…’, ‘things that would be useful…’ and ‘things that should never appear in a

Tim was unanimously agreed as our winner for the humorous writing piece on
the night. Well done, Tim! A book voucher will be awarded. Tim gave a lengthy
and carefully written acceptance speech. It went; “Thank you.”

Carol had everyone giggling with some clever howlers taken from an article in
Writing Magazine, of the writing faux pas and other odd expressions where a
good edit would have been advisable. Two of these:

“The man was eating a fish that still had its head on and was drinking red
wine in great gulps.”

“Smoke curled round her shoulders like a ferret.”

Tom performed some brilliant recitals from the great Robb Wilton. This
 proved both an entertainment for all and an education for those of us unfamiliar with
Wilton’s work.

Sheila gave a performance of an extract from Shirley Valentine, that she had
previously prepared for a U3A meeting. In the extract, Shirley is talking to
the wall, and recalling her son, Brian, in the nativity play. Excellently
delivered and much enjoyed.

A fantastic night with lots of humour and Christmas cheer! Wishing everyone a
lovely peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Next meeting, 17th January 2011, will be a manuscript night.

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