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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

AGM 2011

AGM 2011
7th March 2011

Present: Margaret (chair), Liz, Tricia (Jo Cowell coordinator), Jean, Ishbel, Keith, Tom, Carol, Bryan, Alex (Treasurer), Julie, Judy, Sarah, (Secretary) Saime.
Apologies: Cec, Tim, Susan. 4. Jo Cowell Report from Tricia

Jo Cowell Report from Tricia
The Entries:
The number of entries this year was disappointing at 41. But they did come from far afield, such as mid Glamorgan, Dorset, Solihull and Bristol. The majority of our competition queries were done via emails.
The Judge:
The judge was Ron Ellis who was very helpful throughout. With his background in writing, brodcasting and photography he was a great asset to our competition.

The Winners:

1st PrizeJackie WinterTesting Times
2nd PrizeRhoda WatsonMy Wonderful Radio Times
3rd PrizeClare HayesIt’s Not Easy Being Ben
Highly commended R BlackA Night in Heaven
Julia Anderson The Grocer’s Apprentice
Marion FieldJohn Nelson Darby

Club WinnerKeith VenablesLiving With a Maasai Family

The presentation Evening
Held on the 9th November.
Ron Ellis gave a talk telling us his background and how he had chosen the winners. The 3rd Prize winner had come down from Morecambe and read her piece with such feeling we were all nearly in tears.
Our own Keith was there to read his winning entry and an enjoyable evening was had by all.

The Sums:

The amount received from entries was £155
Judges fees paid £84.50
Prizes £310
Loss of £239.50

New Jo Cowell Format:
Since the competition made such a loss last year it has been decided to do an inhouse competition. This year, it will take the shape of a Jo Cowell evening on the 18th July when members will be asked to bring a Children’s Story. The members on the evening will vote which entry is the winner and a small prize will be awarded.
The Chair thanked Tricia for all her hard work coordinating and running the Jo Cowell Competition.

5. Newletter Report from Julie
Julie has had computer difficulities but hopes to have everything back up and running soon, hoping to retrieve some lost material. Julie is hoping to get back on track with the newsletter, producing a spring, summer, autumn and winter edition. And asks that Owls send material to be included. Please send anything quirky, stories or work not read at the club, literary crosswords, photographs or anything that members think will make the newsletter interesting for others.
The Chair thanked Julie for all her hard work and commitment to the Owls newsletter.

6. President’s Report
In Cec’s absence, Judy reported that Cec wanted to remind all Owl members to access and use the Owl Blog at http:ormskirkowls.blogspot.com . The Chair extended thanks to our President.

7. Election of the Committee.

All members of committee stepped down. The following is the outcome of the new committee election.

Position MemberProposed Seconded
ChairKeith Margaert judy
Vice Chair Margaret SarahBryan
TreasurerAlex (cont.) CaroL lMargaret
SecretarySarah (cont.) Ishbel Carol
Jo CowellTricia (cont.) Carol Margaret
Newletter EditorJulie (cont.) Ishbel Sarah
Committee memberSaime Margaret Carol
Committee memberLiz Carol Margaret

8. Any Other Business
• Thank you was extended to Pat for all her hard work, commitment and help over the years, although not able to make it to the group as frequently, Pat is still a valued hon. Member and we send her our thanks and best wishes.
• Judy suggested an afternoon to discuss publishing, extra to our normal meetings to go into more detail and depth. Others mentioned the Ron Bartholomew events that have historically taken place at Owls. Members discussed whether this would take an informal discussion, learning or social aspect and whether we would meet for food. Places were suggested including The Sandpiper, The Red Lion, (both having suitable meeting rooms) or our usual venue. The Committee will meet to discuss this in depth in an extraordinary meeting on 28th March in the church meeting room.
• Sarah put it to Owl members that she had been approached by two published writers enquiring whether they could come and do readings. Members response was generally positive to this. We will also discuss this at the Committee meeting on the 28th March.
• Suggestions were made for a possible reader for the Dora Doyle poetry event. Carol will contact a potential reader, Sarah to follow up.
• Bryan, Ishbel and other Owl members have various paper, documents and anthologies from Owls history. The question was discussed as to what to do with this growing archive. It was suggested someone could collate and hold them, and the possibilities of scanning and electronic archiving. Saime volunteered to scan and electronically save some sample items.
Alex, on his travels, has found a glass/ resin cast owl, which he proposed could be a trophy to be awarded annually to the member with most progress shown in their writing. This would involve submitting three pieces over the year, to encourage writer development. Owls responded very positively to this suggestion.
Judy said she had been approached by Twinkle House to ask if we wanted to donate to be included in their community advertising pamphlet.
Jean raised concerns at security when using email and address security. An important point for all of us to bear in mind.
Bryan closed the night brilliantly with a reading of his story ‘The Apple Orchard’, which has just been printed in Lancashire Evening Post.

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