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Friday, 24 June 2011

Owls minutes 20th June 2011

Owls minutes 20th June 2011

Apologies: Liz, Alex, Tom, Susan, Angela, Carol.

Present: Saime, Keith, Tim, Trish, Judy, Bryan, Cec and Sarah

Tim shared two pieces with the group. The first was a sci fi piece under the
working title ‘1st draft of an idea’ another part of a previous work in progress,
set in the Imperium, we saw Joseph/George and Selina boarding an exquisite
spaceship with hovering lights rotating in the shape of the galaxy and self-
refilling sherry glasses. Tim described his vision for the spaceship as being
something like the titanic, only actually unsinkable.

The second piece ‘Scouts’ (is this the right title Tim?) was experimental and ‘less
serious’ told from the perspective of a puppy in a litter. Owls enjoyed the
lighthearted tone and the doggy focus on smells.

Trisha also had a wonderful dog tale for us; a new installment from Ted. ‘Ted
at the Vets’. Ted was feeling poorly, wouldn’t eat, couldn’t wag his tail. And
he didn’t even fancy sausages. A trip to the vet is the only solution, which is a
trauma in itself. But just as Ted is feeling better on the way back from the vets, he
smells trouble and indeed it is coming. Luckily Ted is at hand to be the hero once
again. Ted remembered all the films he’d seen of Lassie. And he ends up visiting
the human vets with his owner. Much enjoyed by all.

Judy read ‘Life Swapping’ a clever 5 minute play featuring two couples
discussing over dinner a plan to change their lives in the next week, following
the idea behind Wife swap. Owls loved the clever twist at the end and
characterization achieved in such a short piece. It was suggested the play would
also work well on the radio as well as stage. And could be enhanced with a few
light stage directions. Very entertaining, and it would have been even better with
professional actors reading it!

Bryan brought along his ‘Odd Bod Stories’ file, in which he keeps all the stories
he may one day scrap, but sometimes something in there tickles his fancy and
he revives it. This one, ‘Navigational Error’ saw a stranger in farmer Western’s
field, conducting some sort of project, and creating yet another crop circle. Zig
is waiting for his ship to arrive and for his people to collect him, whilst looking
for astronoid / humanoid similarities. Owls loved this one, especially the great
humorous ending.

Cec had us all giggling like schoolboys when he read ‘The Pleasure’ of tits. Blue
tits, that is. A factual piece written in a light tone, full of advice based on his
personal experience about how to position a blue tit box appropriately and the
mating habits of the birds, including the peeping, flirty mating rituals.

Cec’s second reading was an adapted piece he has prepared to read at his
granddaughters forthcoming wedding. At which he has been asked to do
a reading. The piece offered some wonderful advice to the newly weds,
including ‘two hearts can overcome everything’. A perfect piece for a very special

Sarah read ‘Flyways’ a story about a man, Frank, whose daughter is away
travelling with her career as a photographer. She invites him over to visit her
in Australia, which is a challenge for Frank for a number of reasons. The story
was themed around the idea of migration and the flyways held by migratory
birds. Owls requested a little more clarity of character placement towards the
beginning and end of the story.

Minutes compiled by Sarah

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