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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Minutes 20th May 2012 Compiled by Saime Present: Kate, Judy, Alex, Saime, Val, Graham Apologies: Sarah, Cec, Keith V, Liz Notices: Alex has been contacted by Dora Doyle daughter, who proposed the idea of possibility of Dora Doyle every 18 months. If so she would donate £100 Graham will write the next article for Val’s newsletter. It’s Owls 50 We would appreciate it if owls would express their view on whether we should anything. Please email your ideas for what to do, and also if you have any dates in mind which you feel would be good to use. They don’t have to be designated meetings, we would just like to know what the group’s feeling is before the next committee meeting. Readings: This week was a Write on the Night with the opening line “It’s not my fault”. Kate It’s not my fault A dark story about a mother with two children with different psychological/developmental problems, and struggling with a frustrating lack of information from the social workers and doctors. Owls liked how Kate took a seemingly simple childish phrase, and not only put it in the mindset of an adult, but also took a simple phrase with a simple meaning in a direction, that was both surprising and disturbing, but showed her talent for detail and depth. Alex Alex used the phrase as a possible start for the for the 4 Henry has reached the paradise of Grishalan, and has been given a room with Mrs McGregor the giraffe and her son Mack. Mrs McGregor’s cakes have been stolen and Mack protests his innocence, “It’s not my fault”, and Henry thinks he recognises the thief’s footprints. Henry and Mack set out to find the thief. They find George the Gorilla who says “it’s not my fault” before he’s even asked about the cakes. Although a rough draft it still all the humour and twist and turns we’ve come to expect from Henry’s adventures, hopefully Alex will tell what happens next very soon. Judy “It’s not my fault” Jenny is mortified when Mitsy the cat gets out and kills her twin brother Danny’s mouse Cassius. Danny is anxious to give his mouse a burial, but Jenny is more concerned that nobody will believe it really wasn’t her fault. All the while mum tries to keep the peace, but can’t resist giggling later a the fact that she’s just had to attend a funeral for a mouse. Judy took the pure childishness of the opening line and ran with it. Owls found it both funny and touching, and those who have children remarked on Judy’s accurate portrayal of the children’s behaviour. Graham did not submit a Write on the Night piece, but posed the question of who may have said “It’s not my fault” as their last words. It is the OWLS 50th Anniversary this year anniversary this year.

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