Ormskirk Writers' & Literary Society - OWLS - was established in 1963 by Dora Doyle to promote local writers. Founder member Ron Bartholomew contributed to the Waverly Encyclopaedias and was widely published in Practical Mechanics Magazine. A successful playwright, he opened his house to us for weekly meetings and served us with tea and home made cakes for many years. As Otis lifts Chief Engineer he also designed the press button control boxes used in lifts to this day. ALT="Ormskirk Writers' & Literary Society">

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dora Doyle Poetry Evening


19th April OWLS meeting.
Present. Dave Ward visiting Poet Presenter. Cecil (President) Margaret (Chair) Alex, Tricia, Ishbel, Dave, Neil, Julie, Sue, Judy and guests June Beach and Helen.
Apologies. Sarah, Susan, Tim, Liz Pat and Angela. (We wish those unwell back to health soon.)
Dave was warmly welcomed and was encouraged to join in with wine fruit juice or nibbles kindly provided by Julie via Dora Doyle’s daughter Christine Chesshire. Dave read/sang his poem entitled “The Green Man Dances” He talked of how his ideas came to him and answered questions.
He then described an historic situation surrounding the Liverpool’s dockers’ strike in the past and how the ship “The Neptune” duped the dockers in Taiwan and were able to unload their cargo. Dave was asked by a Taiwanese to write a poem reflecting an apology from them and describing Liverpool.
He read us extracts which included an old Liverpool character “Sandy” well known at the Pierhead for selling the “Echo.”
He then let us know how the Windows’ Project began and how it is now well established where leaders visit schools and help inspire creative writing. For further info look up windowsproject@btinternet.com
After our usual break he led an exercise helping us to visualise a special place and to create our own poems/writings giving them depth. We all took part and the variation as one expects with OWLs was wide-ranging and entertaining to say the least.
A letter of thanks has been sent to Dave and behalf of us all.
NEXT EVENING IS MANUSCRIPT Any piece of writing you are working on and wish to share with the group.
MAY 3RD 7.30PM is bank holiday but it is all booked. Hope to see you all there. Again any members not yet paid up please do so a.s.a.p. Thanks Judy.

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