Ormskirk Writers' & Literary Society - OWLS - was established in 1963 by Dora Doyle to promote local writers. Founder member Ron Bartholomew contributed to the Waverly Encyclopaedias and was widely published in Practical Mechanics Magazine. A successful playwright, he opened his house to us for weekly meetings and served us with tea and home made cakes for many years. As Otis lifts Chief Engineer he also designed the press button control boxes used in lifts to this day. ALT="Ormskirk Writers' & Literary Society">

Thursday, 5 August 2010


OWLS Meeting 7-30 p.m. At Ormskirk Church House rooms 16th August Manuscrips

OWL  MINUTES AUG 2ND 10 compiled by Judy

PRESENT. Margaret (Chair) Tricia, Liz, Carol, Ron, Jean, Alex, Jean F., Cec, Ishbel, Saime, Judy and 2 Guests Ann and Sheila.
APOLOGIES Bryan, (get well soon,) Sue, (get well soon,) Tim, Michael, Helen (Enjoy Spain) Julie, Graham, and Sarah (getting married now what kind of excuse is that!! Have a lovely day and life.)
1. Jo Cowell. All entries with Ron Ellis, Judge.
2. Alex thanked everyone for the card on his recent loss.
3. Judy’s “My Journey’s Friend” appeared in M/S Mag. this month.

4. Committee meeting arranged for Monday 9th at NCH for committee members. Items to discuss, Paid up memberships, Future Jo Cowell, Preparations for meetings coming up and AOB. Any member wishing to add their thoughts please contact me or any committee member before Monday. Margaret, Pat, Tricia, Alex, Ishbel Cec or myself.

Manuscript Evening.

Carol entertained with Bizzy Wizzy a baby with cat’s head and tail!!
Ron took us on a journey up the Fells in Cumbria in the snow, brr cold.
Jean had developed her story re. the suit from Tricia’s writing workshop.
Alex carried on his play with his floundering vet falling into a well!!
Jean F.,took us into the angst of a non-white meeting prospective Inlaws.
Cec recited a neat little poem Pearls of wisdom don’t drink and drive.
Ishbel raised our anger against officials who tried to prevent her marriage
Margaret didn’t disappoint with digging for treasure on a dead body!!
Ann Shared “A Cup of Kindness” a New year story with lots of emotions.
Tricia, gave “Ted was in Lurve” A doggy story with lots of adventures.

Another very enjoyable night with lots of variety and Cec gave us all an exercise to finish with.
What is correct?? Does and Don’ts, Do’s and Don’t’s, or Do’s and Don’t’s. WELL YOU WORK IT OUT!!!

Next meeting Aug 16th another manuscript night.

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